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  • 4.04.2004
    Boost Your PC bundled software now available.
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    "Make Your Computer Secure, Clean And Fast In 5 Minutes"

    WinBrush is a handy and easy-to-use tool that keep your privacy and make your system clean. It works by cleaning up your tracks (document histories, temporary internet files, etc.) while you are working on Windows or surfing the Internet, and also removing all garbage files such as application temporary files, unneeded log or backup files.

    WinBrush also behaves like a firewall for cookies. Just run the program, which resides on your system tray (on the lower right of your screen), and it will track all the cookies that come into your system. Then, periodically just go into the 'Add/Remove Cookies' menu, browse through the new cookies in your system, and select which ones should go as well as which ones can stay - it's that simple!

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    There are more than 50 plug-in files available to download for free as a bonus. These plug-in support most popular Windows applications, such as Winzip, Winamp, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc. Using these plug-in you can clean these popular application's log files, recent files, mru data, etc.

    List of features:

    Protect your privacy, cleans up your tracks while you are working on Windows or surfing the Internet.

    Cleans up error-producing and space-wasting garbage files.

    Recovers and maximizes hard drive space.

    Remove cookies left by spyware.

    Supports Windows XP, 98, 2000, Me




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