Download Boost 2 has been released.
It can be used completely free for 300 days without any advertisements.

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  • 4.04.2004
    Boost Your PC bundled software now available.
    Save up to 50%  for bundled of 3 products plus receive 1 bonus software!

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    I've lost my registration key what should I do?

    You may contact us and please include copy of your order receipt. We will send a new registration code to you.

    Does your software contains any spyware?

    No, our software doesn't contain any spyware, scumware, or adware.

    I couldn't integrate Download Boost with my browser, what should I do?

    There are 2 methods to integrate Download Boost. Please use another method if the current integration method doesn't works. Close the software and then restart your computer.

    Why WinBrush cannot be extended its trial days?

    Current version of WinBrush cannot be extended its trial days. However in the near future a new version of WinBrush will support extended trial code. In the mean time, you can extend the FREE trial days of Download Boost (300 days free) and MemMonster (30 days free).




    I never received any extended trial code. Why?

    Your e-mail account doesn't support HTML messages, also do not use any free e-mail account to subscribe with our update news. If you see "Oops..." message after pressing the "Subscribe" button, please use another e-mail account.



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