Download Boost 2 has been released.
It can be used completely free for 300 days without any advertisements.

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  • 4.04.2004
    Boost Your PC bundled software now available.
    Save up to 50%  for bundled of 3 products plus receive 1 bonus software!

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    Download Boost

    Download Boost is a special utility designed to help you manage and boost the speed of your downloads. This tool has advanced features of the 3rd generation of download manager software, such as pause and resume broken downloads, boost the speed of downloads with multiple connections (up to 8 connections) for one file, download scheduling, and many more.

    Unlike its competitor, this software can be used completely free for 300 days without any advertisements.

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    Boost Your PC bundled

    Save up to 50% for bundled of 3 products plus get 1 bonus software!

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    MemMonster helps you to solve the problems of Windows (95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP) memory management. You can quickly monitor and increase the amount of available physical memory (RAM). Several of its features: automatically recover RAM, RAM defragmenter, memory tuning, memory monitor, and task manager.

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    WinBrush is a handy tool that keep your privacy and make your system clean. It works by cleaning up your tracks (document histories, recent opened files from popular software, cookies, temporary internet files, etc) while you are working on Windows and surfing the Internet.


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